How to Find the Content Goldmine in Your Own Backyard

Some rights reserved by Cavin - One of the biggest challenges companies face when they decide to produce original promotional content is… how? Not in terms of process, because it’s easy to find the right personnel or hire the right agency to create media that drives traffic, interest and sales.  But where’s the hook? Actually, you might be sitting on it. When I used to film the web sitcom Something... Read More

3 Tips to Help Your Business Tweets Stand Out In a Crowd

Some rights reserved by mikebaird - Last month, a bizarre turn of events led to me getting interviewed on the CBC about Twitter.  (Speaking of which, you can follow me on Twitter here, and follow Abstract Edge here.) The interview, on the CBC’s Connect with Mark Kelley, was spurred by the five year anniversary of the launch of Twitter.  You can see the interview here, starting around the 42 minute mark. ... Read More

Do You Have a Great Web Designer?

Many people can design beautiful web pages, but there are very few great web designers. A great web designer must be able to create beautiful web pages. But what if they’re not consistent with the brand? So… a great web designer must also understand brand design. But what if the pages look great and are “on brand,” but don’t drive any action? So… a great web designer must also understand the desired actions for... Read More

5 Ways Your Branded Facebook Page Could Be More Likable

When we asked “Why should anyone follow your brand on Facebook,” we were serious.  No one needs more white noise in their lives — especially if that noise is being generated by the undying roar of a heartless sales machine. Yes, we know that you want people to like your company, but you can’t make someone care about you.  (You should have already learned that in junior high school, but it’s a lifelong lesson that’s... Read More

Why Should Anyone Follow Your Brand on Facebook?

Does your company have a Facebook page (or a Twitter account, a YouTube channel or another kind of social media presence)? You do? That’s great! But who cares? (Though if you said “no,” then you have a different kind of problem. Let’s talk about that here.) After all, doesn’t EVERYBODY have a Facebook page?  Why should anybody care about your brand’s page?  And, from a strict ROI viewpoint, why should YOU care... Read More

Inbound Marketing Weekly Wrap Up #1

Ah Friday. The weekend has arrived. What better time to pour yourself a cool lemonade and catch up on some of this week’s most interesting inbound marketing articles? Read More  Read More

The New Facebook Comments System. Good? Or Evil?

Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out a really interesting commenting system. Basically, any website can embed a little bit of code (just one line) and have on-site commenting fully integrated with Facebook. And it looks and behaves just like the commenting system on Facebook itself, so there is no learning curve for most people. For certain kinds of businesses, this is HUGE. Read More  Read More

6 Great Reasons To Invest In Inbound Marketing

Over the last decade, marketing sure has changed — a lot.  The simple truth is, what used to work really well isn’t working so well anymore. Traditionally, marketing has been done through TV and radio ads, newspapers and magazines, cold calling, direct mail and press releases. Traditional marketing is basically “push and pray” says Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing. Push out messages and pray that somebody pays attention... Read More

A Bit Off the Edge

“A Bit Off the Edge” is an occasional review of some of the best online marketing information we’ve found of late. Let’s get your Monday morning blahs out of the way right off the bat: Things could be worse. You could be Superman in 2010. And now, the news… *** Read More  Read More

My Twitter Summary of the Inbound Marketing Conference

A big thank you to Justin Levy, Chris Brogan and the New Marketing Labs team for putting together a wonderful event, the Inbound Marketing Summit at the home of the New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium, in Foxboro, Massachusetts this past week. Like any good conference, sometimes I was paying attention to the speakers. Sometimes I was networking in the back. The networking was invaluable and I was so pleased to have an opportunity to meet so many... Read More

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